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Dear Golfers,

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Golf simulators for sale: The cheap golf simulator

Hello fellow golfers,

Your here because you want to know the more possible before spending big bucks on a golf simulator. Ok, I’m here to help, I really think you have to spend the next few minutes reading. The first good news is that not necessarily do you have to spend that much to cultivate your passion in all the weather conditions and at all times, here I review a really cheap of the golf simulators for sale : the Optishot golf simulator.

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Actually, this is a pretty decent virtual golf simulator and you can get it for as low as $339. Though if you get upgraded packages, even with the very useful mat and net to throw the balls in, you can increase the expense up to $700 – more about the extras later.

cheap optishot indoor driving range

So, I used this simulator a bit and did a lot of research about it: I don’t want to lie saying I own it.

So, with this DANCING DOG optishot golf simulator you get:

-Practice turf which consists of a stand with the sixteen high sensitivity sensors to read your swings.

– Dvd with all the necessary software to use the home golf simulator;

– The cable that connects the turf to your computer.

The special bundle packages I was writing about, offered by amazon, include 12 callaway practice balls and the well known Callaway tri ball golf practice net (6’x7′).

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optishop virtual golf simulator with golf practice net

Basically, for those who don’t have a clue of the subject at hand, with this and other golf simulators (reviewed in the other pages) you go at home, switch on a computer and your television, put a small special mat on the floor, put a ball on it and start hitting shots. You have to have a place were to send your balls, like a practice net or a specially prepared blanket. You can also use foam balls, so they don’t destroy your house, or decide just swing the hell out of you impacting thin air- though, as a golfer, I don’t like this perspective. That’s it, you have your personal indoor driving range. The special mat has built in sensors that accurately analyse your swing and realistically translate it in the shot you then see on the video.

One thing I like very much about this indoor golf simulator is that the sensors are built very deep in the practice turf, so there is almost no risk of breaking them, even with the poorest of the swings. A good point is that you can buy a replacement turf when the original one wears out.

A downside of the turf or practice pod is that it’s a bit lifted from the ground, I’d say less than an inch. So you almost necessarily have to buy a mat to make up for this difference in height- for this reason I was suggesting to buy also a mat- , or you have to find a way to place the turf below your feet. In short, your aim is to have your feet at the same level of the ball.

Speaking about the sensors, a thing I got to notice from the reviews I studied is that they require artificial light. I even gt to read (do I can’t confirm it) that the sensors work at their best with halogen bulbs. Even if that was true, it’s certainly not a decisive point against the apparatus, since these bulbs only cost a couple of dollars.

As per the software: the simulator comes with a bundled golf swing analysis software. With this, you practice your swings and the simulator gives you a lot of information about it, e.g. if it’s a slice or a draw, if you made the impact with a straight face, the power of the shot.

Then you have the 3DD software. With this, you get to play on 5 complete courses. These courses are NOT REAL ONES. Using this is much more fun, because you feel much more to be in a real game. In this case you have less information about your shot, though still sufficient to hone your swings.

I read that sometimes they get to release new courses.

A thing I noticed is that the simulator may not be ideal for high end golfers (single digit hcp). Before it doesnt read very well if you hit the ball low, for a spin. It definitely is a great way to play free golf -after the initial investment- even when out there is freezing or when you can’t manage to invest that 30 mins to get to the course.

Click here to see other details and buy it.

Another point: you have to spend some time to insert in the software the data of your clubs -this is not a downside, it’s required by all the simulators I viewed, and it’s necessary to have the most realistic interaction.

Here you have the Cons and Pros in brief:


– Doesn’t read well the low and high hits;

– Requires indoor lighting;

– The courses you play in are completely virtual, not reproductions of real ones;



– Very sturdy;

– Very cheap;

– Replacement parts available;

– Interacts with real clubs;

– Useful swing analysis to help improve it.

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Hope you enjoyed this review. If you aren’t on a budget check the review of the High end golf simulator by protee. To sum up, this is a very good full swing golf simulator, definitely a good value for the money. Stay tuned for other great reviews of the golf simulators for sale.




Golf lessons from Mikelson? You get close with this…

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this post I want to go off topic, in comparison with the rest of the site, and want to talk to you about another one of the great golf training aids. I’m reviewing a DVD of golf lessons from Phil Mikelson on what the professor does best: the short game.

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I have seen over and over this DVD (2 dvd set, actually), and have read the parallel book and I feel to say, without the shadow of a doubt, that this educational material is valuable. The style of the teaching is also engaging and enjoyable. Its greatness is that it delivers not only technical and boring concepts, but also the feel. Yes, that is, with these lessons you are impressed with the feel the true expert of the short game has to have.

If you really go out there and practice the lessons you will improve, whether you practice on a real course or in your indoor golf course.

Dear readers, don’t forget that the short game and the putting are universally acknowledged as the most important aspects of the game of golf. By the way, I suggest you aslo buy a indoor putting green or putting aid to practice the putting from the comfort of your home.

You can get an indoor putting aid by clicking here.

Soe of the reviewers of this product have stated that they had difficult time to make their DVD readers read this product. If that is the case, you will have no problem in getting it substituted by the online shop.

Another defect that some viewers have reported is that the DVD cannot make a significative difference if your handicap is on the low end, like 9 or lower. This could be because the golf lessons don’t go in some specific details for the chips from 20 yards from the green with high grass. Anyway, Stan Utley’s book “secrets of the short game” may feel the gap usefully.

Get it by clicking here.

I am not that good a player and, as said, the instructional material in this DVD, seriously practiced, made a difference in my play.

If you are short on money and or you live in a place in which it’s impossible to play all year round I strongly advice you buy this DVD, or the book, and without an expensive golf simulator or golf practice net tune your putting and short game.

Here I give you the CONS and PROS:


– Very few users report the DVDs to be incompatible for their readers;

– May not be very useful for very good players.


– Golf lessons from the best in the field;

– Nice golf feel transmitted;

– Enjoyable personality of the teacher;

– Easily implemented tips.


Hope you enjoyed this variation from the usual golf simulators for sale reviews.



A bio of Phil Mikelson

Pga official page

This shot is also taught in the DVDs…unbelievable!